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We do that. 


At Continental Systems we offer the best pricing in the industry. We have been serving the Hartford Connecticut area since 1987. Since we began, we have found ways to satisfy our clients by using the term "We Do That" in our vocabulary.  A generation ago, that might have meant that we could get a 40" Sony TV that weighed as much as an engine block into an antique piece of furniture that might be older than our country.  Now, for this generation, "We Do That" often means we can sort through all the music and video in the world and make it so easy to manage that any four year old and most engineers can enjoy our electronics without extensive training.


Please scroll below to review our offerings designed to simplify and enrich your life at home. Do not hesitate to request personalized information via the convenient form on every page or a phone call to one of our experts.


The underlying message is that the convergence of internet, plummeting costs of the actual electronics, and the development of reliable supervised wireless solutions has made systems that were once only available to the wealthy during construction planning are now available to most of us in the homes we live in today.



It's time to expect more from your security system. You can have better security, increased awareness, mobile control, and new levels of interaction through an advanced security system. 

Better Security - Protection when you need it most 

Get better protection with an advanced wireless communication system. Don’t be exposed to common vulnerabilities of other systems like phone/broadband line cuts, or an unpredictable Internet connection that can drop in a power outage. Get persistent protection with always-on communication that works.  

We Do That.                                                                                                 


Ever wish you could be in more than one place at a time? With or Honeywell Total Connect™ you can! Now you can view live video on up to six cameras at a time, and receive images of activity occurring in and around the interior or exterior of your home on the same mobile devices you use each and every day. You can control and manage your own account and even assign photos for individual family members. Just picture the possibilities!


Keep an eye on your home from any remote location, with or without a security system.

  • Check up on kids, babysitters, elderly relatives, pets, housekeepers, contractors and more

  • Monitor vulnerable spots like entrances, patios, pool areas and more

  • View multiple locations from one account—great for real estate investors and vacation home owners

  • Free apps available for iPhone®, iPad®, and Android™

We Do That.
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